When one thinks of Bengalis, the first things that come to mind is bengali food , 'Rasagolla' & 'Fish' and of course music, fine arts.
We are a group of people who are Bengalis living outside of the state of Bengal and although we have lived away from Bengal, we never stopped to miss its culture & essence.
'One can stay outisde of Bengal but Bengal cannot be taken away from him/her'.
Being away from Bengal, we spent a significant amount of time looking for places where we could buy products from Bengal but succeeded to find only small shops
that would sell just a few products and that too not being available all the time also prices are higher than mentioned mrp.
We would therefore bring back with us packets of bengali food items/products from Bengal every time we travelled native, which was also a tough, very costly exercise and limited by capacity.
So, based upon our realizations, we started Shrihan Mart, a one stop shop for all bengali food products of Bengal.
At Shrihan Mart, we strive to have a vast collection of products spanning across various categories, like foods, handicrafts, clothes and other specialty products available for purchase over the Internet through an easy to use website (https://www.shrihanmart.in).
We procure our products directly from manufacturers and large distributers in order to ensure premium & fresh in quality.   
We at www.shrihanmart.com are thrilled to serve to anyone at from any where of the country at the click of a button.